The Bean (Proko's Figure Fundamentals)! All critique and feedback are appreciated!
Becky Alemayehu
Hi! I started Proko's Figure Fundamentals course this Monday, and ngl I've kind of been speeding through it. I'm not purposefully going fast, but I seem to understand the concept kind of quickly. Although I think I understand it, I might not actually understand it (which is why you get critique from others). Goals: - to understand the relationship between the pelvis and the ribcage - the be able to draw the gesture and the squash and stretch of the torso Trouble Spot: The TWIST. It is/was hard to grasp. The clip from about 5:10-7:30 in the bean critiques really helped though. I try to now think of it as if I were looking at these two ovoids which one would be in front on what area? I also like to think of what the person is doing and imagine the pose. From there, I follow the gesture. I appreciate all critique. Thanks!
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Arthur Cardoso
Damn, those are some good studies! I wish I had your determination. All of them are great, even the connections, except the 4th one in the 7th photo, that connection isn't anatomically possible as is too closed together and angled. A more subtle angle and it's already a great fix. Keep up the great work, you are already a great arist!
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Becky Alemayehu
Wow! Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback!
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