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I just wanted to thank you all for the help you've given me... And to tell a bit of a story... I've had schizophrenia from birth... Ever since I could remember I seen things, heard things, and even felt things... Felt paranoid always like someone was out to hurt me or something along those lines... It was rough I talked to multiple therapists about it they just thought I was after attention... Then finally at 29 I got a good therapist... She medicated me I'm still 29 but about to turn 30 next month... And for the first time in my life I can focus on things that's why I've been learning art I've always wanted to be like one of the masters of art since I was a young boy... I can't afford many of the courses on here... Not going to lie I've got some with unconventional means because I'm on disability and would never be able to afford them... But Proko has been the only teacher I understand and can grasp art through... So I just wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration to this person that lost most of their life due to terrible therapists that wouldn't listen. P.S I promise once I can afford the courses I will of course pay for them... Just for now I hope you don't mind my continuation of using the ones I've found else where... I'll even be glad to point out where I found them so you can have them removed... But please just let me continue watching them. And again from the bottom of my heart @Proko I thank you with all my heart and soul. <3
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