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The forum looks great and I'm really really excited to participate ! One thing I was wondering is - could you please make a " Sketchbook" sub-forum ? In the places I participated in the sketchbook section was always the most active place. because people use it to track their progress and to follow all the work of somebody they like etc. and its really fun and easy to communicate with peers about what they are up to, since all their work is at one place. Having sketchbooks is just insanely engaging - community wise. Other than that , this place is magical, i love it :)
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Sam Guss
I like this. Can I also throw out the idea for a safe forum place for those who are that new or shy to have a place to to share their first few pieces and shares? As a beginner, who's not even ready to share yet, I'm already getting intimidated by the incredible talent around here and a newb place to share seems like a possible stepping stone?
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Dan B
It certainly can be intimidating, but don't be too shy as you can learn a lot and get valuable feedback and critique from these talented people :) And if you can see their work, you can see the experience informing the feedback. I think the sketchbook idea is good, as people then don't have to worry about spamming the forum with daily posts if they have a lot they wish to share.
this is an great idea @Sam Guss i to would love to see this happen 😄
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