Suggestion: more clarity in rules on where different types of posts belong
Miguel Arguelles
Something that isn't clear to me is what posting patterns I should follow. Just an example: if I make a thread under Paintings just to introduce myself and show some of my stuff, is that also where I should post WIPs for critique, or should I make a new thread for that? Or should I be posting in a critiquer's hello thread to do this? More generally, I'd feel less reluctant to post if I knew exactly where the post I intended to make belongs, because I don't want to clog up forums with too many threads in the long term, nor do I want to inadvertently hijack threads.
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Mike Jara
Hi @Miguel Arguelles. Apologies for the confusion. We're taking everyone's feedback and discussing ways to make posting clearer. Regarding your question, please start a thread under Paintings to introduce yourself. You can start new threads to ask for critiques on WIPs. You can also tag a critiquer using the @ for them to critique. We'll keep working to make this experience smoother in the future. Let us know if you have more suggestions.
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