Suggested Skelly updates
Richard Barkman
I’ve used Skelly for a long time now and it’s a great app. Some additional functionality would help a lot: 1) allow selecting a background from reference photos. When I’m trying to get a pelvis right, for instance, I jump back and forth a lot between skelly and procreate. It would save times of time if the reference was within Skelly. 2) Skelly is not an exact match for any of the main models on Proko. It would be nice to have custom versions of Skelly tailored to some of the models. 3) the ability to morph different parts of Skelly to fit reference would be nice (make the torso smaller, pelvis bigger, arms shorter, etc). 4) provide the ability to straighten the spine as in a deep back end. 5) change the zoom/depth of field for deep perspective…
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