Stylized character concept
Mark Sukaiti
Character concept built from shapes. Been trying to explore pushing some proportions and move away from the 'standard' human proportions. Also tried to explore using graphic shapes for the light shadow but its clear I have some issues with my design of the proportions of that shape. C&C welcome :D
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I really like the overall design of the character - especially in contrast to the other character in the first picture. It's got a lot of personality! I think maybe the problem that stood out most to me with the graphic shapes for the lighting is on the left arm (character perspective) where it seems just a little too sharp and doesn't follow the shape of the arm, It kind of leaves it feeling a little flat, or that it might be a clothing design or something - if that makes sense? The other lighting areas seem good to me tho I'm definitely not an expert in this - but yeah, overall nice job!
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