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I talked about this many months ago but I thought I'd bring it up again because it's still an issue. I constantly forget how to get to my specific courses that I have purchased and always end up on the browse page wondering why there's tons of courses that aren't mine and then even when I remember I have to really think what path to take to get to the section of the site with just my stuff. Am I the only one who has trouble following the navigation sometimes? I can get to my profile page no problem and the forums pretty quick but navigating to my courses is hard. I always have to come out of autopilot and really think about what I'm doing. And then I forget why I was going to a particular course haha oh man :)
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Jesse Yao
Is the resume learning tab bugged out/not there on the home page of the website? If so that's a bug that should be reported, bc it should be there and smooths out navigation issues Otherwise though, under your profile on the main page there should be a "resume learning" section (light blue in pic) which lists up to the 3 most recent courses you purchased/acccessed. In that same section there's a "Go to courses" option (yellow) which will automatically take you to a tab where the courses you have purchased/follow/added are visible. Alternatively there's also the courses tab itself (green) which will take you to that same page
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The resume learning section links have always been working on my end (no bugs I've seen) but a lot of times I'm entering a course because I wanted to refer back to something and I dunno I just often end up getting lost for a little while each time. And sometimes even when I do just want to pick up where I left off, I don't necessarily think about the Resume Learning section and might just mindlessly click "browse" in the main navigation and get confused. It happens over and over and I'm not totally sure why but I think it's something about the visual hierarchies, like what looks most dominant relative to the content around it, I guess subconsciously tells my brain, "What you want is this way!" But it's wrong. I have ADHD but I don't struggle like this in any other app, so I'm thinking it's the app. But if I'm the only one it happens to then I don't know. I might just save some shortcuts in my browser and use those instead.
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