Still Life of 2 grape fruits (oil on toned paper)
oliver lindenskov
I did this sketch/still life the other day. The painting in painted directly/opaquely on grey paper primed with shellac. And it seems a slight bit off to me. Any recommendations on improvements? One thing I have been thinking of is if the edge from light to dark is too sharp. Second question: does anyone here have an opinion on whether or not I could sell this? And even what price it could be sold at? The piece itself isn't very big (a bit under 10x10cm) Thanks in advance to anyone answering
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Steve Lenze
Hey Oliver, Nice job on this still life. I think you did a great job on turning the form on these, and the texture you implied with the highlight works good. The only thing that jumps out to me is the cast shadows, they are very dark and my eye goes right to them. If you have light bouncing into the shadow of the fruit, it would also bounce into the cast shadow, lightening them. Remember, the eye is drawn to the area of highest contrast, and those shadows are really drawing my attention away from the fruit. Hope this is helpful :) The answer to your other question is: Yes, you can always sell your art!
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oliver lindenskov
Thanks, @Steve Lenze it totally does