Starting to stylise my drawing
Athul Krishna
I've been drawing realistic stuff for a long time now . Rather than likeness I gave more emphasis on making my drawings perfect , but I was not good at it and guess what it made my life miserable. So I've decided to draw stylised characters for a while. I'd Love to hear your thoughts about this sketch Have a nice day
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Steve Lenze
Hey Athul Krishna, Sorry to hear about your frustration, it's the price of being a good artist. Also, don't think that drawing in a stylized way is any easier than drawing realism. They are not seperate things, just different expressions. Your stylized drawing is a good example of that. You didn't use gesture or structure to build your drawing, and it looks flat and stiff. These are the things we learn in realism that carry over to other styles. I did a quick sketch to show you what I mean, I hope it helps :)
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Athul Krishna
Thanks, this helps a lot ☺️
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