Some what new to drawing and art.
So I started drawing between a year to a year and a half ago. I just finished a year of university and I am looking to take much more time this summer to work on my artistic skillz! BUT.... I don't know which courses I should do here on proko, I have some of my most recent images here, and tbh I want to be more comfortable drawing people, but I don't know if I'm ready. Are there thoughts from fellow art peeps on here for what course I should begin with?
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Elias Lemus
The drawing basics. I'm going through it right now. I think it'll be a good foundation. Since it's ongoing and you have to wait for new stuff if you catch up, I'd suggest supplementing with material from Marco Bucci too. You're already pretty good. You also need to consider what type of work you wanna do. I mean, your stuff is more "cartoony" so idk if you would care to learn from say Richard Schmid. I'd recommend it since he's so good, but if his stuff doesn't really apply to you now or ever, then maybe no. At least not at the moment. So, what type of stuff you trying to do? That's the question!
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I appreciate the response, I am working through foundations and will probably begin the drawabox course by Irshad Karim. I really enjoy animation and cartoon styles, as I really like the ideas of simplification and exaggeration :P I tend to be inspired by shows like owl house (Dana Terrace) and Inside job (Shion Takeuchi) or some manga and video games like pokemon.
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