Self-portrait - digital painting
Ieva Paleja
Hello everybody. I passed through the first digital painting lessons and decided to paint a self portrait (watching in a mirror, not from photo). I would like to get some feedback. (The expression in my face is terrible, that's true.)
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Steve Lenze
Hey Ieva Paleja, First of all, I think its admirable that you are trying a self portrait from the mirror, but really, that's super hard and advanced. I think you would benefit from working from a photo because it will give you the chance to really focus on your drawing and likeness. I tell everyone that wants to paint the same thing: painting is drawing. No matter how well we paint, if the drawing is wrong, our painting is wrong. Also, your values are all over the place, which makes it hard to judge the planes of the face and it looks muddy. I did a quick paint over to show you how you can smooth everything out by thinking about the planes as different values. I hope it helps :)
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Ieva Paleja
Thank you Steve! Very valuable advices!
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