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Hello, I am going to present you some of my works, drawings and scribbles. I love conceptual graphics, character design, creatures and monsters for games, and movies. The amazing world of new worlds and life formation. I want to develop in what I do, currently I try a lot to sketch mannequins / people in different positions, and I try to work on the perspective and camera shots. When I look at my work, I have the feeling of not having full 3D. Write what you think, a few words can give you a kick to act. More of my current drawings / sketches on my instagram profile. Regards.
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Josh Sunga
Hey @Dominik thanks for sharing! Cool ideas- I love robots so I had to do a paintover. The main thing I wanted to emphasize was creating interesting proportions. For the sake of clarity I went a more obvious direction and made the robot figure reinforce the theme you got going. (I think a more interesting direction though would be to contrast the theme with a less flattering robot figure and build tension between the two). I exaggerated the proportions, but the point is to make each shape varied in order to create visual interest. For example, both segments of the legs are near the same length so I made sure to make one longer than the other. Hope this helps!
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