Requesting a critique of my latest fanart.
Marcus Moore
I generally love creating fanart, but I am starting to finally focus (trying lol) on strategically placing images in the composition and using the rule of thirds. I'm scared, BUT I'd like a critique and please tell me what you think. These are just a couple of my Monster Hunter series. Curious to know would further enhance the composition.
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Steve Lenze
Hey Marcus, No need to be scared, your stuff looks pretty cool. I think the compositions are pretty good, but could use some perspective. In the first one, the fog looks the same in the distance as it does in the foreground. In the second one, the background is just as sharp as the foreground, this causes the background to come forward and kill the feeling of depth. If you are confused about what I'm talking about, look up "atmospheric perspective" that is the term for what I am talking about. Welcome, and keep posting :)
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Marcus Moore
Thank you so much!! i'm often wondering what i'm kind of missing with my compositions and that is a definite. I appreciate the critique. THANK YOU. I generally focus SO much on the characters i have a bad habit of making the background an after thought. I'll def work on that, in trying to tone that background down.
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