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I want to be a storyboard artist. How should I pratice for storyboard? I know studying movies and animations definitely helps. I want to make storyboard by myself for pratice. I want to know how artists prepare their portfolios for storyboard. It's just downloading a script somewhere and drawing? Or just turn a chapter of a novel I like into a script and make a storyboard? I find the latter one really hard to do. Thank you.
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Hey, @billy_x! There are actual online courses on Storyboarding out there, have you done some searching yet? One that immediately comes to my mind is the one by Kris Pearn on Schoolism: https://schoolism.com/courses/art/storyboarding-kris-pearn And also on Schoolism, there’s another one which approaches Storyboarding with a focus on feature animation: https://schoolism.com/courses/art/storyboarding-for-feature-animation-alessandra-sorrentino In Storyboarding, what you will deal with essentially is composition and visual storytelling. So I’d recommend try looking up courses on these topics too - not just specific courses on the practice and career of Storyboarding, but also courses on the “raw” fundamental skills you will need to be a professional in that area. Lessons on comics, illustration or cinematography could also help, since these areas share similarities in the language and skillsets. @David Finch has shared a lot of lessons on comics here at Proko, in case you might wanna check out; and I suspect you might also find some interesting content at http://www.svslearn.com I’m not a storyboard artist myself, but from what I’ve studied about it before, I know these exercises you mentioned (draw from a written script you find online, screenwrite a chapter from a book and storyboard it) should also help, of course! I’d encourage you to try them out for yourself and get feedback as you practice. But definitely don’t miss out on studying from structure courses - with lessons designed by specialized professionals, you will definitely learn a stronger base of the craft, get many valuable tips and probably grow much faster than otherwise. Hope this helps! Let me know in case you have questions or would like to discuss anything further. Best of luck in your journey!
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