(Proko's Figure Fundamentals) Landmarks!
Hi! I did 12 drawings using the landmarks total. The landmarks I saw are usually marked by a dot or ellipse/circle. It didn't seem too hard during it. Tbh I'm kind of proud of how it came it out although it definitely has proportional errors. I was mainly focusing on trying to put the landmarks in. All other lines were just to draw the rest of the body. I appreciate ANY and ALL feedback. Should I move on? Thanks! Goals: Try to learn and apply the landmarks. PS- While doing the drawings I used a screenshot from the Youtube video of all the landmarks as dots. I used it to make sure I did all of them.
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Male Warrior Sitting Down Ref
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Maria J Venegas-Spadafora
hi, I think you are on the right track. the proportions seem a bit off, especially the male ones. Their torso and upper arms are huge and the heads look tiny in comparison. Getting proportions right I think is something that comes with practice.
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Thanks! I didn't do any measuring for this honestly. It seemed measuring was introduced later on in the course so, I didn't do it. The heads in most of these were off by a lot.