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In Proko's video on lines he pointed out that when drawing you should not put a line down before imagining or visualizing what you will draw. I've drawn frequently since 12 years old, and I had never considered or practiced this. I have always drawn what I see or want without thinking, oftentimes needing to erase or redo. I can faintly see what I want to draw, but I can't actually visualize it ON the paper or in front of me.. Since Proko has pointed this out I have become conscious of the difficulty I have for visualizing what I want to draw, and it definitely keeps me from full potential in my sketches. Is there anything I can do to combat this?
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I'd suggest: start with light "search lines" in pencil on paper, nothing wrong with that, in fact, the great Disney artists also conceived their characters by starting with very messy "rough" drawings. As soon as some lines emerge that are really to your liking, commit to them by giving them more lineweigth. Afterwards, either erase the search lines, or just keep them, as additional character to the drawing.
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Félicia Gagnon
Same for me. I think Drawabox's approach to drawing (sketching with ink) can be good for improving your capacity to visualize on paper, because it forces you to really think before comitting to a stroke. You'll want to get it right on the first try, since you can't erase, and that forces you to consider where you start, where you end, and what kind of curve you're going for. When developping new habits or replacing old ones, you usually need to really pay attention to what you're doing at first, until it becomes second nature. I suppose it would apply to something like this. But maybe someone has better ideas. I have to say, I haven't completely figured it out yet, but those things have helped me a little.
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Zosya S
I think before drawing from imagination it would be better if you would ask yourself some questions. For example: Am I looking down at an object or up? Is it on my right or left? Is it in one or two point perspective? Has is got straight or curved sides? Which part of the object is closer to me? What the object is doing? Then try to draw by answering to these questions. By doing this you kind of feel the object before drawing it in 2D surface. It helps me every time. Hope it will be useful to you too.
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