Portrait painting (any feedback)
Rayan Khlaif
This was supposed to be a mastercopy of John Singer Sargent (it still kinda is) but I was focusing more on the style and just playing around with oil paint and using his portrait as an inspiration. It's actually my second painting in oils.. please tell me what is wrong so I can improve!
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Leandro Alli
I think this is a great painting, I love the brushwork. I found the reference online, a couple of things I noticed. The right side of your reference face is a big beautiful shape of light . I think you could have lifted the values of the right side of her face a bit for improved contrast. Marco Bucci have a great video on this, using Sargent as an example. Good Shapes - 10 Minutes To Better Painting - Episode 4 A couple of suggestions I would work on. 1. I think this shape is too bright, it created to much contrast. Check you reference how the value of this shape is darker than the light areas. 2. The mouth ended being a little bit off, I think you need to push it a little bit to the right. 3. I think the shapes of her cheeks ended being to sharp, maybe it was on purpose, I kinda like it. But I feel like the cheeks in the reference are much more smooth. 4. I think the upper eyelid ended being too flat, but this is easily fixable. I really liked the painting overall, great study!
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Rayan Khlaif
Thank you so much!! I will go and watch that video from Marco Bucci immediately! Thanks for all your suggestions and tips. I will definitely improve from that 😄. And yes these sharp cheeks were on purpose 😊. Again, thank you very much and have a nice day! Or night 😉
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