Pleased with my Progress
Scott Lewis
What face is better than one's own for testing your abilities at capturing likeness? I will definitely be able to tell when something is off. The image with the overlay compares the freehand sketch to the reference photo. I was actually really shocked how close it is. 6 months ago I could not have done this without using a grid overlay on a photo. This was after watching Stan's and Stephen Bauman's portrait videos and drawing about 200 heads in 3/4 view. I filled an entire sketchbook with them, often multiples per page. Finally starting to get the anatomy down. I was really struggling but one slight change changed everything: I changed my grip on the pencile to hald it more like a paint brush, higher on the pencil, and drawing from the shoulder and wrist, and using a much looser style. the change was pretty much instant. I am nervous about starting on the shading, though.
me blue overlay
me freehand
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