Please implement a draft/exit confimation for "Create a new topic"
Yiming Wu
Ughh I just typed a whole long post preparing to be sent and I clicked esc or something accidentally and then without a prompt the type box disappeared. PLEASE at least make a confirmation dialog (like... not the js one, but an actual "leaving the page" system dialog/warning box) here, or just implement a simple draft/cache thingy... It's so frustrating when it happens. :C Oh and Also, why not make the entire page the file drop area? Every site I've seen uses a very small file drop area, I don't think you need to make it look "nice on the UI". The larger the drop area the more convenient it can be used.
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Katey Jensma
Hi @Yiming Wu thank you for this valuable feedback! We are always looking for ways to improve.
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Yiming Wu
Hi there! This new "confirm exit" dialog has already helped me from accidentally closing the posting field. Great job!
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