Please can anyone tell???????
Anubhav Saini
What is the following bump that I have highlighted?? Is it TFL or sartorious???? I am confused
Screenshot 2022 01 10 22 28 56 06 92460851df6f172a4592fca41cc2d2e6  01
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Kristian Nee
Hey Anubhav! I believe that's the TFL, but I could be wrong. That being said though, I would probably just try and interpret the entire shape as just part of the quads. The reason I say that is because I don't think you really have to know all of the anatomy specifically in order to draw well. In fact, focusing too much on drawing correct anatomy can hinder you from being truly creative while drawing. If you listen to the comic artist Jim Lee talk about anatomy, he'll say he actually has very limited knowledge of what the actual anatomy is. He understands the shapes, and what looks cool but throws out anything else that might make his storytelling less exciting. It really depends on the art you'd like to do, but if you'd like to be a story teller with your art I don't really believe you need to know every muscle to make that happen. When I was taking classes with @Erik Gist, he would always say that the anatomy is there to complement your art, not to be the point of it. I'm not saying to throw out anatomy completely, but it isn't that important. I've included some of his drawings below too, if you look at the legs you can see how simple they are. They're essentially just cylinders with occasional anatomy thrown over them. Hope this helps
batman who laughs jim lee 1200x900
batman   hush by jim lee by batmanmoumen dduucp6 fullview
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Anubhav Saini
Thank you very much sirr it very helpful and i want to be a story teller with my art.