Please can anyone tell?
Anubhav Saini
Why is only orange color reflected on the paper( just beside the eraser)not black or any other color??
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Jan D.
The main reason is that black is just lack of light, so the blacker something is the less reflection it will cast on the paper. :) Another way to think about it is that the orange part of the shirt absorbs orange wavelengths proportionally less than any other ones and reflects them instead, casting an orange light on the paper. Perfect white, black and grey reflect all the wavelengths equally. White reflects all light, black none and grey only some of it. 2.The sheet of paper is very matt, meaning no matter what colour, you will only really be able to see the reflection close to where the surfaces meet maybe if you use a stronger and smaller light, and move the sheet forward you might be able to see lighter and darker lines reflecting, caused by the white/grey text and black material. Of course the sheet is too matt and the reflection produced is to diffused to make the letters in any way legible. Hope that helps:D
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Yiming Wu
Of course why would black reflect? :D You could compare when you remove your clothes from paper and see if the brightness changes. It's possible to see "reflected black" effect because sometimes when you remove black cloth from there it actually leave room for other brighter stuff to reflect onto the paper which then gives you an impression that you were seeing "reflected black" there. In your case, only the orange is brighter enough to produce a visible reflection on your paper :)
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