Planes of the head
Natali Santini
Hey, here is a study of the planes of the head from Asaro head. What can I improve? Thank you!
Portrait 2
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Kristian Nee
Hey Natali, this is a really nice drawing. You're definitely getting the idea of how to use the planes successfully. You've made a correct drawing that I wouldn't change that much. That being said, that doesn't mean it's a beautiful piece of art. When I was studying at the Watts Atelier, @Erik Gist described the three stages of training to me. 1. Complete beginner, learning the ropes. 2. The generic phase 3. The artist phase This to me seems like a really solid generic drawing. You've exaggerated the cheeks too much, and made the bridge of his nose too wide which kills the likeness but I'm not sure fixing those would make this a better piece of art. The advice I would give, and feel free to not listen to this, is to start trying to play with your drawings. You're definitely good enough to do some bad ass drawings, but thinking in this way hurts the atheistic potential. Hope this helps!
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Natali Santini
Hi Kristian, thank you for your advice! I feel like I needed to hear this.