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Here's a quick artist study I did in Gouache of a painting by James Gurney. The purpose of this test was to get a full range of colours with a Tryad of only Cyan, Yellow and Magenta. The diamond shape in the top left is used to test the different hues that I can achieve with the chosen Tryad. Any critique would be welcome! (I ran out of yellow so I couldn't finish the background) Original painting:
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James Gurney is a legend. His works is an excellent choice to study. I'm not going to offer a critique though. I'm hoping you would critique this for yourself - but to me. (psss I do think you did a good job but don't let that go to your head) You're doing this for study, so what did you learn? You wanted a to try and get a full range of colors with your triad, Do you feel you accomplished that task? What could be done to make your painting look more like his? What areas do you feel confident in your ability? What is it about his work that you like and would help you develop your own style? Did you choose Gurney because he's a master or because of something in his style?
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Unique painting, I like it. <a href=""; rel="ugc,nofollow" class="item-link" contenteditable="false" target="_blank"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"></font></font></a>;
Hi, thanks for the reply! 1. When doing this study as well as studying triads I wanted to look at how the light interacted with the objects and how that affected the colour. For example how the blue light from the sky hit the top of the red teapot and created a purplish colour. I've read a lot about this in Gurney's books and I think that mixing the colours to create these effects has forced me to become a lot more knowledgeable about them. 2. I think I more or less did, Gurney uses a slightly different combination in his painting which means he had to introduce a red to get a higher chroma orginage. But I think that the other purpose of getting a full range of colours with a triad was to as Gurney says ''become much more familiar with your pigments and how they interact.'' -James Gurney. 3. I think that some of my colours are slightly off, for example the reflection of the sky on the top of the tea pot is too high chroma. I think this might be partly because when gouache is wet it looks slightly darker than it appears when it is dry so I think that would be a good thing to account for in the future. I was also a bit too lax on my proportions while doing this study as I wanted to jump right into doing the colour, so that would be a good thing to keep my eye on in the future. 4. I think that I'm really getting the hang of how to approach a gouache painting and as this painting came with a video of him doing it I felt a lot more confident in what sort of process to follow. I also think my tones aren't too bad, that might be a result of my drawing practice. 5. I like how he abstracts the scene as not to make the painting photo realistic but realist, which is something I definitely want to emulate in my own work. As well as that I was very interested in his shape quality, for example how he slightly squares off the lemmon. This in my mind creates a good balance with the other curves in the scene which would be a good principle to apply to my own work. I'll be sure to brush up on my shape quality knowledge for future work. 6. I love the work of James Gurney! I really like his use of colour and light as well as the way he abstracts a scene just the right amount to make it realist but not oppressively realistic. His approach is also very strong on a knowledge of how light interacts with the physical world and how that affects colour and tone in a scene, which I've become very interested in from reading his books. This turned into a bit of an essay I hope it all make sense, I really like this way of giving a critique and would highly recomend to other readers. Thanks again! -Miles
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