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yoann rodriguez
Hey, hey, hey ! Just wanted to share with you one of my original character, Norah, doing the Fire Dance of Beginning. Heavily inspired from Polynesian culture, I did this illustration for a drawing assignment =) I'd love to hear your feedback on it !
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Josh Sunga
Hey @yoann rodriguez! Nice illustration! Great sense of movement in it. Steve already gave some good notes on the anatomy which also lends itself to enhancing the flow in your image. So I did a paintover more to clarify the value structure. Even though I do like the drama of the black background- I lightened it up for the sake of her silhouette. I also added more pink to see if I could capture a sense of glow relating to the fire. (A note about getting a feeling of warmth/fire in an image is that you'd want to have a good balance of cool and desaturated colors in order for the rest of the colors to feel warm.) The rest of the notes are in the image! But great work- thanks for sharing it!
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Steve Lenze
Hey Yoann, Nice gesture in this drawing. I think though that the arms are too straight and stiffens up the pose. Also, that foot popping out from the skirt is kind of confusing. I did a quick draw over to show you what I think, I hope you find it helpful :)
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