Norman Reedus - Portrait
Sean K
Hello everyone! I totally forgot about posting this here. I already finished it a few months back and gave it away to my friend, who commissioned it. I'm just wondering what you think about it and am grateful for any critique. Thank you!
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David Sánchez
All reagarding the face looks awesome, but the hair kinda looks like the spaghetti hair that proko warns us to avoid. I think it is because the hair is disheveled and it's more easy to be a little messy when drawing. If drawing hair in general requires patience, drawing disheveled hair requires even more patience to design it and render it, and if it's sweaty, that just require more knowledge about rendering. Hope this can be helpful.
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Sean K
Yes, thank you for the advice! I still have a huge problem with drawing hair. Although when painting I have it really easy or it rather looks better, when i paint it. I'll make sure to get in some more practice for it. Thank you again! :)
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