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New Doctor Who personal project progress!
Hey everybody, here’s some drawings for a little project I’ve been working quite a bit on, a new Doctor who! I’m a big fan of the show and there’s just so much you could do with the amazing premise of the series. I’m working on some story ideas I’ll hopefully do some rough storyboards for eventually, and i definitely want to learn more about story structure and all that awesome stuff.  for now I’ve mostly just been having fun trying to work on the characters. And of course a bit of the tardis, really want to work more on that since designing rooms and hard surface stuff in general is way out of my comfort zone, but there couldn’t be a funner thing to design! I’ve been trying to write down ideas for characters and story to go off of and build, so that’s progressing too.  Since I am a fan of the show I need to try hard not to make it super similar to what’s already been made haha, need to come up with some new ideas!! Character development! I’ve only been learning a little so far, but learning about story structure and character building is extremely interesting and I’ve come to see how essential it is, even if I don’t become a writer lol. And bill Perkins visual storytelling class I’ve been slowly going though on NMA has been awesome as well for learning all sorts of mind blowing composition knowledge! Good stuff. For the Tardis room I was trying to make it feel really spacious and focus on having very organic feeling shapes, hopefully give it an alien feel. Definitely need to do some more ideation in it,since there’s a lot of room to do something different, see all the different directions you could go. Also I need to work on not making all the same size shapes and sections, make more clear distinct big medium small. And I was trying to apply something I heard Steven Zapata talk about on designing rooms: never just make a box and put stuff in it. Think about different levels, interesting shapes and structures. Just thought it’d be a good idea to show some ideas I’ve been working on, I’d of course appreciate any thoughts thanks! 
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S. Martin
Wow this is really awsome and inspiring, please keep it up! :)
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thank you so much Martin!! I will absolutely!