Need suggestions on my gesture drawing you can be harsh
In the past few days I have drawn hundreds of these in can't quite know what is wrong with them
IMG 20210910 181955
IMG 20210910 182033
IMG 20210910 182105
IMG 20210910 182117
IMG 20210910 182129
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Jan Bintakies
Thanks for sharing these. Your reference pictures are great for training gesture drawing. When I look at your drawings I recognize a few things: All the lines seem equally important. Which makes it harder to "read" your gestures. I usually start with the most important line. The "line of action". Then I add the head. With these two elements your drawing already should tell the most important idea of the pose. All the other lines you draw next are secondary. Looking at your drawings I recognize that your poses consists mostly of curved lines. Do not hesitate to use sharp corners and edges as well. You can archieve contrast by using curves aswell as straight lines. I for myself did not learn gesture drawing here on proko but by participating in a course held by an pixar story artist. So my approach might be different idk. I hope my feedback helps!
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Nice rhythmic flow to your line. I think if you are going to be so economic or minimal with your use of line, then every aspect of every line counts; any extraneous/imperfect lines become detrimental. As an exercise, maybe start with more details and keep erasing until you’re left with just the essential lines.
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David Sánchez
Honestly, I think they are good representing the over all flow. But if you feel desatisfied about them, maybe you should take a step forward and start difining the body a little bit more. I don't know if you used a timer or not, but the drawings you are showing seems like the gesture you should expect for a 30 seconds drawing. I recomend study the proko demonstrations (the 2 minutes ones) and try to achive that, still prioritizing the gesture, but at the same time considering the general volumes of the body. This also might help you when drawing this simpler gestures. Hope this helps you.
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Thanks a lot