My First Foray into Krita
Joey Edgar
Just went through Marco Bucci's digital painting intro course and wanted to post my first assignment. As you can doubtless surmise, I'm a horror fan. I decided to create a little poster kind of thing. Love to get some feedback
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Hello Joey, thank you for posting your work. I've seen some of Marco's videos, so I understand what you've done with the colour vibration and the added colour to the shadow colours. The key issue is the brushwork, both the edge design and the rough handling of detail. When painting in an element, like the light on the wooden boards or the shadow under the mask, make sure you're using the right brush size and are not leaving gaps. The focal point should be well drawn with clearly defined edges. The colour vibrations should blend in with the surrounding values. I think I've found your reference, and it's a better design than this. The straps disrupt the simple shape of the mask and give it dynamism, the blood drips into the eye hole below and the nose is softer. The scratches on the wall of the painting are scattered, careless. maybe it wasn't meant to be a typical three-stroke slash, but it crosses over the details of the wood and the 13, like a random, irrelevant detail of the wood's weathering. The lighting is boring. If it were the spotlight from a torch it would be a better design and imply a character looking for something, or if it were a soft, spread out white, it would be like overcast lighting and the hockey mask's wearer is dead and forgotten, the killer still out there. It's also too saturated and the shadows should be black at the least. All of these are minor details, the technical execution is great and it's time to enhance the design and storytelling. I've edited it in red, you can see more feedback there. I hope you can read my handwriting. Thank you.
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Joey Edgar
That actually wasn't my reference (although maybe it should have been) but I take your points on the design regarding the nose, straps. etc, and I like your lighting idea. It hadn't occurred to me to utilize the POV of the viewer in that way. I actually began painting it just from memory and then consulted some pictures for the breakage near the jaw and axe mark on the top. I guess that's a good indicator that I should have begun with a reference. My intention with the slash marks was to enhance the diagonal movement. I viewed the whole thing as if the mask is mounted on a wall. Perhaps it would be better to present it as laying on a cabin floor, with the beam of a flashlight on it. I really like that idea. Thank you for the coaching!
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