Med’s Map painting basic shape assignment
Bill Burroughs
This is my assignment for painting basic shapes in the Med’s Map course.. The assignment was to paint the same object repeatedly within a time limit. Any critique or feedback is appreciated. Also wouldn’t mind any advice on efficiently painting within a time limit, such as how to effectively capture shape and form. I try to use a checklist which I think helps but don’t think I was successful in getting the big shapes to read in the final painting.
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Kristian Nee
Hey Bill! Great job on these, these are coming along. You're getting a hang of the concepts that Ahmed is teaching. What I'd say is a few things. Your edges, values, overall shapes, and drawing could use some work. To start with #5 30 minutes, the silhouettes of the shapes don't quite feel like "fruit". It feels more like a 2d shape right now, that resembles fruit. What you can do is make the drawing a bit more accurate, as well as being more intentional with your overlaps. The second thing I'd say is that your colors could be more saturated / varied and your values could go a bit wider. I'd recommend looking at David Cheifetz's paintings linked below. In yours, the shapes and colors are almost there but there's a lack of variety and subtle in yours that makes it way less convincing. Looking at David's he has a lot of texture, and a a wide variety of colors while also having clear definite shapes. To fix this in yours, I'd say is watch @Morgan Weistling's video How to Draw Like a Painter. In it he talks about the importance of focusing on your drawing before anything else. Once you have a solid drawing, the "painting" side of it takes care of itself.
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Bill Burroughs
Thanks for the response Kristian. After taking a break for a couple of days, looking back on them they don’t have that 1 2 3 read that Ahmed is talking about. They also feel very flat and washed out, like they lost form from the wireframe. I’m going to work on repainting some of them to see how to improve the form and vibrancy. Thank you.
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