Master copy study
Kenji Okagawa
Here's two master copy I did recently with oil painting, one by Boureau and the other by Lev Lagorio. Just sharing my progression, but feel free to leave a critique :)
master copy bouguereau
master copy Iev Lagorio
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Jon Neimeister
These are gorgeous! The landscape is especially nice. :D Bougereau's a hard one to copy, I admire your bravery haha. One thing I'd mention is that some of the halftones are getting a little dark in your figure, especially with Boog's style, he often uses extremely tiny value shifts coupled with a slightly more exaggerated temperature shift to turn forms in his halftones, keeping them all extremely tightly grouped as a shape. The only major value shifts tend to happen in the shadow areas, which are also fairly grouped, and you can probably darken some of your reflected lights to match. Overall a really successful study, just something to keep in mind and watch out for!
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