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Marvel Comics pencils Assignment
My attempt at the pencilling assignment. We had to take three scenes from a story beginning middle and end. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Steve Lenze
Here are the things I noticed: you have drawing issues and story issues. *All three characters are lined up and pretty much the same size. Not good layout because it makes the page look static. *Spiderman looks like he is kneeling on the floor, not flying. *Black panther's body looks too short and you didn't show enough evidence of the twist. *The first panel shows Spiderman swinging, in the next panel, he is lying on the floor with a girl over him- what happened to him? How did he get inside that room? *In panel 3 Spiderman is swinging away, how, and what happened to him? * You are drawing the forearms too short and not using overlapping shapes and perspective. * Hands too big. You can't just show moments in the story without setting them up first and linking them, or your reader will be confused and the story won't make sense. Pretty good attempt though, keep at it :)
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Thanks for the feedback. Really helpful and a lot to work on As for the story the assignment was to give three seperate scenes not the complete story thats why a lot of questions are not answered I probably should have used three seperate sheets but wanted to see if I could do a decent composition on the page which I obviously need to work on more. once again thank you for the notes I really appreciate the help.
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