Male Torso
Richard Husky
Well, I had every intention is doing the $5 challenge and could not break myself away from the digital (you know...less mess). So, here is the sketch made in Zbrush from the male reclining reference provided for the challenge
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Very nice! I haven't tried digital sculpting yet. Do you find that the skills you gain in digital transfer to traditional, and the reverse?
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Richard Husky
That’s a good question Aristotle! Really have not given much thought to it. So, forgive me, I’m not quite sure how to answer. However, I would probably lean toward the reverse that it is better to learn traditional then move to digital (maybe I can get a little kick back from Mr. Keith for my plug). Seriously though, with traditional there is no undo function. Symmetry algorithms save you from sculpting the same thing twice…etc…Coming from traditional preps you for methods of construction, helps you understand the forms and structure. All the computer does (once you learn program) is simplify the process. Hope that helps!