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Think this one is better than my last posts. What do you guys think?open to all critiques. Might add more shading but also like the contrast as it is @everyone @Stan Prokopenko @Bradwynn Jones
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Arthur Cardoso
Hi Matt! Do you do any sort of sketching before drawing? With heads is always good to do some Loomis head sketches, and lines wraping around it to define proportions and where the facial features go. Her eyes are too close together, most people have an eye's distance between the 2 eyes, also feel like her right eye is a bit high up. She has a very default face so you could do a rectangular prism to keep the anatomy right. Hope I could help and keep up the good work!
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Thank you. I dont do any loomis pre sketches. I should start. I just draw one. fix what i think needs fixing and kinda hop right in. I have a good understanding of what to do, but seems like I forget as soon as I start drawing lol
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