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Maria J Venegas-Spadafora
Hi, I am trying to wrap my head around what I am seeing on Goldfinger's Animal anatomy for artists. I would really appreciate if someone could take a look at my lion head tracing. Am I identifying the main anatomy correctly? Thank you in advance! @Liandro
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@Maria J Venegas-Spadafora Hey Maria, sorry it's taken me this long to reply - it's been busy weeks for me lately. Before anything, I should let you know that I've never studied Goldfinger's resources and that animal anatomy is something I don't have a strong grip on right now. With that said, I believe I can try to help based on what I know about human anatomy - we're all animals, so how different can it be really? 😆 Anyway, please consider my comments in this context and forgive me if I say anything dumb! I'd say yes, overall, I think you did a pretty coherent job identifying these muscles - at least when I think of the human head's muscular structure, I can relate and understand the position and function of what you traced. Just a quick note though is that you named the muscle around the eye as "Orbicularis Oris", while it should be "Orbicularis Oculi" ("oculi" refers to the eyes, and "oris" refers to the lips). I did a quick search and found this stunning 3D work by (your namesake) Maria Panfilova, maybe you'll find it helpful: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/vGG46 I also found this academic paper that shows this diagram I attached here in the post. This is the link to the paper in case you might like to see: https://watermark.silverchair.com/j.1096-3642.2000.tb02195.x.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAAu4wggLqBgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggLbMIIC1wIBADCCAtAGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMVoBBMHlwNxVbMRA1AgEQgIICoe2nP2j494n4-sV2zIW6bzTMFY_61XnvEMofTX0RgQDbQqiehGE89GZn7zoNI89BD68kiAU-leRRYX7PusYqadODXr4dhID2MnGkSUfY2PvOzy1YXKjA6kWUdJGKrYv3lhvcK6xAYY0Cw6umEVlx2liSTnKRRH8fuHrR1zBI3bl2BgpR0YtZuZN1OkWB7r6GexhAM873aaDueoS7iT6b5CSQK6rSxSJyD-SOeeKzqdwLPqnfvAKm7DexjY6JL-gl1iCf4vxXuJhstwCSQ-9w8-7hELv3x1AaakEj7D69I2GI-6FRUi_uxzBbzmc7PODr8t73EFyR-VIDj2OMcWYhPQ61t0DlrXasITrgYKT2XqeWS4bOP78NehA8Kx4UefivxqAlIf28vwkL-jBV5-bNUrBNhdgiyHtzdGo4hyJVOJm___SgGMy6frqGX5LqagFADvYh7tYJsJ2nrHybv0Tm0y3_rK5w4Rui8O7tl2mtGDtfE9Bg4_dG-9fARSq_Jc39_RSVFbIKvjU95ojHhfclb9hPedGMive20P51VCNs3RJZ-5ckIjAzTVVGf7pPs0z_YGKpweczo3LHwL1UctGkTGYY29IjES_LCEEpn1FrJJ3A9dfEi5ZXzzDOJF6_iD1iZXEdg0PJ2kFMhnLZwkj94l9DjKSY9TB_VJr8FzEH7dqRO4WT04RQYTs1urxk38O_7Ew9TA3Vs-weQHAcuJoE-yy7wNaH8MUI2s3H2WdJDnp7QB1AZYvA4fBr6EwsrAldBc_-aYQKSPVhM-Gta2dLOg9mFbBLY3EnNGPm-xlEV_8YDkuK-vkPYwt4fgOp5XaPeDiJZiuiRuBkM6HbHlrJ4C8DXCkPXMtnmQ9OuOXmczENfT_ffM4t0ICvhRg-gErgcUQ (In case the link above doesn't work, try accessing it through Google Images: https://images.app.goo.gl/UhK4YyqbzaFKwB6K8) Concerning the overall process of studying anatomy, I know this is just one drawing and you've probably done more stuff beyond this tracing, but one thing I'd suggest would be to focus not only on learning the names and shapes of the muscles, but also (and probably most importantly) their origins and insertions, relating all that to the muscle's functions on the body. For example, the Masseter, which is a super important head muscle (especially for predators, since it's responsible for moving the jaw): in your tracing, it seems to be in the right place, but your study doesn't clarify exactly where this muscle originates and where it inserts; getting clarity on the muscle's attachments should help you get a more effective and stronger grip on the anatomy. In general, you'll definitely get the most out of your anatomy studies if you focus on understanding not only how the anatomy is seen on the surface, but mainly how its pieces are assembled in a single structure and how this bigger structure works in order to make the body function the way it does. Finally, my "top of mind" reference for animal anatomy in art is certainly @Terryl Whitlatch - have you seen any of her courses yet? There's an episode on the Draftsmen podcast with her: Designing Creatures for Star Wars and Disney with Terryl Whitlatch - Draftsmen S3E06, and there's also her courses on Schoolism - by the way, I just found out she released a specific course on Felines: https://www.schoolism.com/online-drawing-classes/felines-terryl-whitlatch Hopefully she'll eventually make some courses here at Proko too... I think that's all I can give for now. Other than that, keep up your good work! Hope this helps. If there's anything else, just let me know. Best regards!
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Maria J Venegas-Spadafora
thank you so much Liandro for the very thorough critique! very helpful! I will continue my studies with your advice!
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