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Looking for critique - How to catch a better quality for digital painting
Tuna Bıyıklı
I would love to hear my mistakes about my painting, color choose, anatomy drawing etc. You can tell me anything you think!
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Leandro Alli
I like the drawing but you should start working more on your values. I Would recommend you to focus on values, a great exercise would try to copy portraits just in grayscale, I wouldn't focus too much on colors for now. Keep on working, cheers!
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Hey Tuna, what you have is nice with plenty of room for growth. The image you here is a sketch that's colored. The sketch is well done proportions and it looks 3d. It's like you've been practicing sketching this front facing head for a while and got really good at it. But it's still just a sketch with color. Your painting color is actually decent. You haven't made any mistakes unless you count not trying things you haven't mastered yet. You some how mastered your skill level. That's actually impressive. You have made something unfinished look really well done. My only advice is to start doing art that pushes you in directions that are new for you. There are lots of directions. start making mistakes and struggle at improving. Then people can give you helpful critiques. This sketch you have looks like it could have been done by someone whos actually very good at art but wanted to be super lazy and leave it unfinished hahah. take care Tuna, keep on painting.
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Tuna Bıyıklı
Oh firstly thanks a lot and I cant tell you how much I agree with you! It's one of my problems I guess, I can't go beyond the sketch. I'm used to draw at classes so I reluctantly fit my art in a short time. I don't know how to get over this. And I'm also new at digital art so sometimes it might be hard to do what I really wanted to do. Thanks for critiques again, be sure they encouraged me
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