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Looking for critique about composition and mood
Leandro Alli
Hello! I'm happy with this painting but I'm not sure I achieved the goal of making something with a nice atmosphere, and if there were things I could have done to push it further. I also focused a lot on trying to make a nice separation between the areas of light and dark. I shared the whole process in my artstation. Any critique and feedback are very welcome, cheers!
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Steve Lenze
Hey Leanrdo, I like your painting, and the separation of dark and light works really well. The things I noticed had more to do with perspective and design. To start with, the flowers and rocks around the character are too uniform and evenly spaced. The flowers also look like they are just popping out of the ground without any leaves or foliage. Everything on the ground feels too separated and not enough of them are overlapping, loosing depth. The other issue is the sheep, they are out of perspective. They do not look the right size in comparison with the stone henge rocks. They look way too big and out of proportion. As far as the figure, I think she looks fine, but she lacks some gesture that could make her look a little more interesting. I did a quick sketch to show you about the perspective and the character, I hope it helps :)
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Leandro Alli
Bro! Thank you so much! Amazing feedback @Steve Lenze . I'm really glad you think the dark and light works well, that's something I always struggled a lot with. I agree 100% with everything you said. Gesture is something I still have much to improve. I also knew there was something off with the sheeps and now that you mention it, It's very clear they are huge. The perspective is off aswell, I can see it now. I was trying to make a hill like pic related for the background but I see how it didn't work the way I intended. I will keep all of this in mind for my next paintings. Thanks again! This helped a ton!
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