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Ieva Paleja
Hi! I am working at my fantasy landscape. This is a digital painting done with Affinity Photo. I use two merged photos (one rural and one urban) for reference. The buildings in the background and the car in the right side will be completed. I am posting this uncompleted painting to get know if something should be changed. Actually I prefer the real (physical) paintings to digital ones but unfortunately I have no more space in my house to store them, lol.
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Emery Piazza
Hi! I hope I can give you some useful feedback! First, your sky right by the horizon line is a little too saturated and looks to be a bit too turquoise ! Second, I also think you could design that tree to point to your focal point! Right now it seems like the city, which the road is pointing at is, is your focal point. You could change your tree so that is arched towards the city too so that the viewer's eyes would along tree form to city! I also think your tree trunk is too dark! It's grabbing a lot of attention. Also! If you wanted, you could add something to the foreground. An interesting car or motorcycle spending along the road in that front right corner! Or, you could put a figure in that road's shoulder. For example, someone walking along a side walk, or maybe a motorcycle pulled off the side of the road so that the rider can take a picture of that tree.
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Ieva Paleja
Thank you Emery for the feedback! I will try to move the tree closer to the road.
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