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Hi! I’ve bought some courses (mainly Dale Coleman and Scott Flanders classes) and I don’t mean to ditch on them they’re content is definitely S tier quality but in the end the most valuable thing in any learning is the feedback of the teachers and as I was browsing the other courses I saw a recurring problem: there’s vary little feedback from the teachers. I don’t feel totally disappointed like I said the lessons are very good but I do feel that the product Proko is offering is of lesser quality for price than for exemple NMA or Drawabox. Anybody else has similar opinion? Different one? Or better way to actually mitigate this?
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Linus Lehmann
Ok so here are my thouths on this. I guess it depends on a few things. In some courses written feedback is not included. And I think it definetely makes a difference when you are taking a course, if your taking it while its beeing released, the chances are probably higher that you get some feedback, where as its an older or prerecorded course chances are lower. And it probably also depends on the teacher aswell. I havent taken courses by Scott Flanders yet, so I cant talk about his course). But Im also taking the Dynamic Creatures Course. And I have received alot of extremely useful feedback by David Colman (written and my work is featured in most of the critique videos aswell). If you scroll to the older comments of the first sections, or if you go to the later sections of this course you will see that he commented on pretty much every post. Of course theres no guarantee to get feedback, but to maximise your chances I would recommend to post often (and if possible early (especially if you want to get featured in one of the critique videos(for those courses that come with videocritique)). And if you really want some feedback on some of your work you could of course tag the teacher, but I personally would use that sparingly, in respect of the teachers time(of course tagging the teacher also doesnt guarantee feedback, but it increases your chances by alot). I havent used nma (i dont really like subscription models) and havent done much Drawabox so I cant really compare.
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Drawabox is like 6 CDN $ for 2 review by months and the class are free and of very high quality they mostly cover the fundamentals. I don’t want to ditch on those classes I recommend them for anyone who is mildly interesting and I understand that they are very busy people. I just think that this would be a huge way Proko could up their game to be probably the best website is to find a way to incite their teacher to be more active on the website even if that included a add on fee with the given class. I personally would pay. For such thing especially from good teacher that teach stuff I’m interested in
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