It seems very odd
Nailsen Ivanderlie
Hey i guys im trying out to paint potrait with different color sets and i bump to this and im trying to make it look right. I tried to put it in bnw the value seems pretty good but when in colors it seems very odd to me. Im hoping you guys can tell me whats wrong with the color or the outlines. I added the colored one, the bnw one, and a very small one lol i dont even know if that helps. Thank you very much Proko Community love u so much <3 <3 :*
paint 2
paint 2 bnw
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Milan Čičković
Tried to paint over it a little bit, the problem that i see its because you are not incresing size of your brush make it bigger and group shapes(hair or anything else), work with big brush as mutch as you can only details with smaller size(like side of the pencil). The color is fine you can play with it like with blue that you tried, something i wouldt use at least not so much. Hope it helps and sorry for bad English
nailseni paint ssss2 960x720x1
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