Is it possible to change your handwriting? Let alone your lines.
Paul Z
I've been drawing for 5 years now and I feel like although my line accuracy has improved, the line quality is still quite the same. I can create elegant interesting lines just as they are. But if I'm drawing anatomy, I have to fall back to the same lines I usually make. Is it even possible to change your handwriting? I feel like the underlying characteristics never go away. I'm beginning to feel like drawing lines is the same thing.
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Kristian Nee
Hey @Paul Z! That's a really tough, frustrating and extremely common problem to be experiencing. One thing that I think would help is focusing on simplifying your shapes. I looked at the drawings you posted on your profile, and noticed a few things. They're really solid proportionally, and anatomy wise, but you're over complicating your drawing in the structure phase. @Erik Gist used to tell me that at the stage in the drawings you have in your profile, you should only be using C S and I lines to describe forms. I'd recommend watching Stan's Q&A – Gesture vs Contour and Scribbly Lines video where he talks about that concept. Attached is a diagram Stan made of the sort of thing I'm talking about, as well as some of Erik's life drawings.
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