How do I fix the proportions?
Atharva Lotake
Hello everyone I recently did a painting of this OC. I was really struggling with the proportions and anatomy. Somehow she just doesn't seem natural to me and looks like a still doll. I was hoping to get some feedback on that. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to help me out. Have a wonderful day.
Iris Portrait
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The torso is too stretched out, it needs to be shorter. Rule of thumb - the head and torso down to the groin are one half of the body, then the legs and feet are the other half. Her hips are too wide, either that or you've drawn what you THINK you see - the cloth on the lower right lifted up a little due to her legs, or her hips, in which case you've drawn them too wide. The shoulders are thrown back, they should stand straight, it's an awkwardly exaggerated position, giving it the doll - like effect. When you do the under drawing, focus on the proportions, measure them out according to some kind of template - Andrew Loomis' mannequin is great for this stuff. Check out Proko's video on common hand drawing mistakes, as the fingers are very cylindrical [isn't that a beautiful word?]; the segments of each finger dictate an angular shape for the hand, but at least you've got the gesture. One last thing - the lighting is a little inconsistent. Find out about terminators, Dorian Iten did a video on Proko's channel about this called Mind Blowing Shading Tricks, I happily recommend it to anyone. After that, Marco Bucci has the most wonderful set of videos on more advanced lighting. I love the way you handled the shadow colours, the dress' texture is beautiful and and the values are handled with care. The brushwork is neat and precise, showing you have experience, but it still has some character. I've attached a few references for this pose if you want to try anything. Have a good day. Happy painting!
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Atharva Lotake
Hello there! Thank you so much for your Critique. I did a paintover of the piece. I will surely watch all the videos you mentioned and take notes on them. Do you have any critiques for this new version, please mention them if you have to say something about it. Thanks again and have a wonderful day!
Iris Portrait Improved