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Milan Čičković
I need help around with "what to do next", this drawing is almost all from imagination and I like that but it sucks with composition, I can't find anything good for that topic. I always get stuck when I need to finish a drawing. I love Eliza Ivanova and her simple approach to shading and line control, now I do not expect to copy or for my lines to be like hers but when I zoom out the image is way to busy its not clean. I would like my drawings to be clean and direct like Eliza for example. Tryed to study and observe her work but I truly do not understand what to look for anymore. Any critique is welcome or directions where I could go with this.
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Steve Lenze
Hey Milan, I like your image and concept and your figure has nice gesture. One of the main things I am seeing in your composition is that all the elements are separate from each other and don't relate. Also, they don't draw the eye into and around the image. I did a quick sketch that I hope helps and will show you some things you could do to help your composition :)
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Milan Čičković
This is really good! Elements you call them, didn't even think about it. Big 2D shapes as forms. This is gold pal! Thank you!
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