Guardians of the Galaxy Concept Art - Character Design
Anthony Francisco
When I first started working at Marvel Studios Visual Development, these were some of the characters I worked on. This is a variety of level of finish that I would turn in. Sometimes you have to generate a lot of ideas and keep it clear. It's something I have learned to get better though my career. If you have any questions please ask away :)
Badoon Sketch 01 2013 01 09
Badoon Sketch 03 2013 01 09
Badoon sketch 07 2012 01 10
NOVA 2012 12 20 Sketch01
NovaCorpes Sketches 02
NovaCorpes Sketches 03
SPARTOID 2012 12 14 Sketch09
TheCollector 2013 03 05 sketch02
TheCollector 2013 03 05 sketch03
TheCollector 2013 03 05 sketch04
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miguel pineda
awesome designs! , loving the judge dredd-ish looking one xD
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These are awesome! It's interesting to see the "real thing" when it comes to concept art (rather than "marketing-oriented" illustrations we often see in art books). What would you say are the factors that most determine how finished a concept has to be? Does it vary according to a director's thoughts or are there already specific moments in the pipeline for more loose concepts or more rendered ones? Thanks a lot for sharing, @Anthony Francisco!
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Steve Lenze
Hey Anthony, These are cool. I was wondering, some have backgrounds and some don't. Is it because some of them you wanted to create a mood, so you add backgrounds, and the others are just for pure design elements like costume? Just wondering :)
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These concepts are so amazing! !! They're very prominent with their mood. Did you design these for just the films or were they also for games, posters and others? (Would you say the design process change depending on what medium you were making concept for) also what would you say is the key to creating well designed sci-fi armor (I especially love the yellow captain marvel? ones)
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Anthony Francisco
Thank you so much for the kind words! The yellow armor concepts were done for Nova Corps. I was kinda channeling some Caterpillar construction equipment for some reason haha, but making it more futuristic. I usually like thinking of design like cooking. Adding ingredients and making a balanced design. Also thinking in terms of percentages that represent , main structure , secondary elements(genre/style) , and texture (color/material) this is interchangeable . But I try to keep one more dominant. Like is it 80% astronaut suit, 10% caterpillar construction machines and 10% star wars. When you say medium, what do you mean about that? traditional or digital?