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Tiger Gayle-Walker
Hi guys, hope you’re all well! Feedback welcome & appreciated! The aim for this 30min sketch was to get a fluid figure with a sense of weight. What do you think I should work on going forward? Thanks in advance! @Diego Lucia @Liandro
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Jon Neimeister
Great start @Tiger Gayle-Walker! Your lines have a nice fluidity to them, and you're doing a good job of keeping the individual curves nice and dynamic. I think the areas you could improve on are: 1- Proportion and structure. The arms are quite short and there's no indication of foreshortening, and the head and back leg aren't quite connecting to the body- did you have reference for this or was it from imagination? Drawing from ref is the fastest way to improve proportion. :) 2- While the individual rhythms are nice, they're not connecting with each other to create larger rhythms through the whole figure. I'd start with identifying and simplifying the centerline a bit: her primary action is that she's pressing forwards, so everything else should follow that curve in some way (red). After that, the limbs will feel a lot more gestural if you find ways to connect them to other body parts with a consistent rhythm (blue and green). Lastly sometimes you'll want to deviate from anatomy to get a better gesture: since her centerline is curved towards the right, having the arch of the back do the same will reinforce the gesture (orange), you can always add anatomy on top later. Keep up the good work! :D
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Tiger Gayle-Walker
Hey @Jon Neimeister, Thanks so much for the critique! Definitely agree with you on those points, looking back I’m seeing a lot more positional errors too haha. I wasn’t paying much attention to the flow as a whole or structure too either, so I’ll definitely keep those as reminders and pay more attention moving forward! (Attached is the reference and an edited version before reading your critique.)
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