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I just noticed follow buttons next to each board on the categories page. Are those new or am I blind? I always come in through that page when I go to the forum. Editing this after Jesse Yao's comment: These new follow buttons are way more compelling to my brain than what was there before. To personify it, you could say they call out to my brain like, "Hey! I'm here! Consider clicking me!" And my brain is like, "Okay! Hmm... what ones do I wanna sub to? *looks through* Oh, how about this! And this..." So to speak anyways. What was there before, it made my brain assume that it was uninteresting and not worth my consideration and I think that's why I was barely aware of it. This I couldn't not notice. Now that may or may not be your intended effect but I figured at least I'd give you feedback on how my particular brain reacted :)
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Jesse Yao
They are replacements for the subscribe slider that was there before. They both do the same function
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Oh, I see. Okay.
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