figure sculpting fundamentals lessons outline
Andrew Joseph Keith
He some people asked about what lessons will be covered in the course and a release schedule. Here are the upcoming topics, some will have multiple lessons or demos so the release dates may depend on that but we will release at least one video per week. This list doesn’t include all of the demo videos and is subject to change but it should give you an idea of what projects and videos are coming down the pipeline! Let me know if you have any questions. Figure sculpting fundamentals course intro (may 27 2021)  Supplies $5 sculpture assignment one sculpture example (Wednesday June 9) Demo male torso Jesse (Wed June 16)  Basic sculpting supplies (free video) Types of clay (premium video) Tools for sculpture making tools (free video) How to build a wire armature for sculpture   (Free video) Building an Armature (Premium Demo) Armature hacks, ways to customize your wire armature (premium lesson) Building Adjustable Armatures Premium Demo How to Build Wire Armature for Hands (free lesson) Wire Armature for Hands, AJK Method (premium lesson) How to build an adjustable stand for your armature Capturing gesture with a wire armature (Free video) Gestures done from master drawings (premium) D Common poses throughout art history (Premium lesson) How to take your own references for sculpture. (Free video) Modifying the sculpture from your references (premium lesson)  Modifying sculpture 12 inch sculpture demo  Sculpture techniques Building out the sculpture (part 1) (Free video) Building out the sculpture (part 2) (premium lesson)  Building figure demo male (Ben 04) Building figure demo videos female (evae 04) How to sculpt the loomis head (Free video) Turning the Loomis head to simplified skill (premium lesson How to sculpt the rib cage (simple egg) (Free video) More accurate rib cage (premium lesson) How to sculpt the pelvis (box of the pelvis) (Free video) How to sculpt the Bucket of the pelvis (anatomy bucket) (premium) Top Ten sculpting mistakes (free)  6 additional mistakes (premium)  Mannequinization (free) Purpose of abstraction (premium)  Study Board for Sculpture (free) Principles of bas relief (premium) Texturing and surface details (free)  How to make texture stamps (premium lesson)  Sculpture exercises to help you master the medium. (Free)  Sculpting drapery (premium lesson)  cheap Mold making technique (2 part torso mold) Relief mold demo (premium) Long sculpture process demo  Closing remarks (premium) 
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Julia Whitenight
I definitely want to take this course at some point. My attention is too divided right now; I owe it to myself to continue down the rabbit hole I've already jumped into, but ... some day ...
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what is the cost of the premium class?
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Andrew Joseph Keith
It’s $109 for the full premium course.