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figure drawing, one 5 min and two 1 min of same pose
Tobias Degnebolig
i tried the assignment #1 in the Mannequinization part again after been following steve huston at NMA for 2 weeks also. side note im not done with the prokos figure course im only at the exagetaration part xD i tried one 5 min drawing where i focus on the the way steve huston break down the figure then i did 2, 1 min drawings below the right where i only focus on the gesture and the left where i focus on the robo bean and the gesture at the same time. im kinda curious waht people think about the way i break the pose down, and on the 3 difftrent ways i do it and for any feedback on the diffrent ways i did it would more then love some feedback
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Vincentius Sesarius
It's a great start! But I would argue you're doing it in the wrong order. The gesture should come first, then the breakdown. When you focus on the breakdown of the figure first, you will end up with a stiff looking figure, because the gesture line is what gives the figure its life and dynamic. As you may have noticed, your second and third drawing have much more life to it, than the first one. I did a sketch over to show you how I build up the figure from the gesture line (red lines), and then build the the rest of the form afterwards.
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Steve Lenze
Hey Tobias, Nice job working out the different concepts of figure drawing. I did a drawing to show you how you can approach gesture and structure. The way your thinking is correct, you just need to work on the structural shapes more. Also, think about how to use perspective to give those shapes a 3D look and feel. Keep up the good work :)
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Tobias Degnebolig
thank you for the insight. but a question to your drawing, arent we looking down at the pose ? so we would see the bottom box from the top plane and not the bottom plane? or am i watching this wrong?
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