figure drawing 5 min
Tobias Degnebolig
a couple 5 min figure drwaings for tonight would love some feedback ;D
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Luigi Manese
Hi @Tobias Degnebolig, I think these are some great 5 minute studies. One proportional issue that seems consistent in most of your drawings is that the heads are feeling just a tad bit too small in proportion to the body, so try to keep that in mind and make them slightly bigger in your future studies to match. Additionally, I think it feels a bit difficult to critique some of your pieces because it looks like the level of finish for some of your mannequins vary. I've attached an image that shows one of Proko's simpler mannequins (the on one the right) and I feel that's probably a good level to do your studies. Try not to focus on adding features for now, and just make sure that the major features (simplified rib cage, hips, limbs, and head) all feel very solid and well constructed. If you want a point of reference from what you've uploaded, I think the second mannequin is a good level of finish to go to. I think lastly, just watch out for some of the proportions for the limbs in your studies as well. Proportion is definitely one of the harder concepts to fully learn (just doing the drawing lay in for your figures will be challenging at all levels) so don't be too hard on yourself if you're not getting it right away. If there's anything about my critique that you need me to clear up, feel free to let me know so that I can expand on some of these concepts!
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Tobias Degnebolig
your comments make alot of sense and is realy usefull to me, im a little curious about the gesture pictuce from proko there, since (what i have seen) there are alot of diffrent approaches to gesture, and this picture kinda show the gesture as a "stick figure" kinda, but it still reads the gesture realy good, and is very clear on what the pose is doing. so i was curious if u could come with any feedback to this gesture to structure drwaing i did (i do know that the gesture of leg is bad line quality tho xD )
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