Evaluate the drawing and what mistakes I made
I am a novice artist and wanted you to evaluate what I drew (criticism welcomed) and what errors you see and how best to solve them
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Howdy midway I think you could work on construction some more. The rocky archway you made is a nice example of how to do it, it's pretty easy to read, but the rocks on the left of it are a bit confusing to understand. Basically the archway reads like a 3D object (on a 2D space of the canvas) but the rocks read more like a flat 2D pattern. As exercise I would recommend drawing very simple objects from photos and try to construct them as 3D objects and then draw them from different angles. This topic with perspective and construction is pretty confusing so don't worry if you don't get it right away. There's also value but Steve already covered that :D From my experience I could add that trying to do everything at once tends to be overwhelming, so try to decide on what's your intent with the piece you're making. If you're just constructing something, the focus on lineart alone is fine, if it's value then the lack of detail is fine etc. etc. Good luck and perseverance ;D
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Steve Lenze
Hey midway, This is a nice landscape to practice with. What I did was create a sketch to show you a process that can help you organize your detail and values to make things easier. I hope this helps :)
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