Elves! Gargs (Not orcs)! Composition?
Julius Barzdaitis
Hi! Completing a picture is probably tough for many people and the same holds for me. Constructing a scene as opposed to just dropping in unrelated figures is one of the latest things that I'm trying to improve on in terms of having a "finished" drawing. Any and all advice regarding composition therefore is most welcome, especially in how to control lighting for a dynamic and integrated look. Thanks in advance!
Elfai ir Gargai
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Steve Lenze
Hey Julius, Nice attempt of a pretty ambitious image. When composing a picture, the first thing you have to do is decide what your main focal point is going to be, Then you compose your elements to support that. Then decide on the secondary focus, and tertiary focus. Once you have done that, if you want depth in your image, have foreground, middle ground and background elements. Then pick a light source, that will help keep all your elements lit the same. All of these things can be worked out a head of time in thumbnail sketches, something I highly recommend if you want to do these kinds of images. I hope this helps, keep drawing :)
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Julius Barzdaitis
Great advice Steve, thanks a lot! Now that I think about it, "discriminating" elements that aren't the focal point is definitely something I rarely (and never intentionally) do. Will keep it in mind! The rest of your points are also very helpful. Thanks again!